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Through the years, The Synergy Group have many clients in Ireland.  From Local Enterprise Offices, through Partnerships, Community & Voluntary Organisations, State and Semi-State Organisations to private Clients. In general, we have found that the Enterprise Development Agencies send individual clients to us also.

In addition, we have many private clients who are not referred by the Agencies.

Private Clients consist of

  • People who are thinking of starting a business and don`t know how to do it.
  • People who are running their own businesses for a number of years and want to develop them a stage further.
  • Community and Voluntary organisations who need assistance
  • People who have a need for training - for themselves, managers and staff.
  • Organisations that have problems that need to be solved.
  • Organisations that need accounts and financial services, which includes bookkeeping, monthly accounts, audits, taxation, pension transfers, mortgages, etc.
  • Manufacturers who need to improve efficiencies and solve problems.
  • CEOs who wish to retire and find a successor to run their business.
  • People who want to buy or sell their business.

In fact, regularly it happens that people come to The Synergy Group because they have a problem. We work with them on this problem and as time goes on, they find that because they are working so closely with us, they have a type of personalised training programme specially designed for them, with the problem being solved as a result.

Many private Clients come for the same reasons but also because they have a business or management problem of some sort. It could be cash flow, strategic problems, ISO 9000, audits, bookkeeping, tax problems and so on.

So the benefits of dealing with The Synergy Group are many and varied. Some of them include:

Due to the fact that we supply a `One Stop Shop` service providing practically every conceivable business and management service for our clients:

  • Clients need only deal with one organisation.
  • They can get every professional service from auditing, accounting & bookkeeping through marketing, planning, solicitors, architects, strategies to taxation, tender preparation, training, web site development, etc. In fact every professional service a business needs.
  • They develop a stronger relationship with their lead consultant.
  • Are assured of a service more suited to their needs.
  • Clients already know the standards and our style of working AND we understand theirs.
  • They get better attention and a quicker service.
  • They don`t have to explain every situation on every visit.

Due to our professional approach:

  • We have a set of quality and operating standards. This means that all clients are fully assured of getting the best service from every consultant.  It also means that clients know what to expect.
  • Clients are assured of a professional service, which means that it is designed specially to suit their needs and they get what they pay for.
  • If there is a clash of personality, or if a client is unhappy with the service provided by a particular individual, then that is examined and acted upon quickly.

Due to the fact that our consultants, advisors, professionals & trainers are self employed entrepreneurs themselves:

  • That means that they understand the Client needs and wants. They can empathise with their situation. So, they are more tuned into what makes the entrepreneur tick. The Client is more likely to get a more professional service and more suited to their needs.

All our consultants are fully qualified, trained and experienced. This means that:

  • The Client is assured of a better service, quicker, more suited to their needs and relevant.
  • Our consultants keep up to date with modern management techniques & modern business & economic trends, so Clients are assured of impartial, relevant up to date advice.

Our Mentoring service means:

  • An on-going relationship with the Clients business, keeping them on track to achieve the set objectives
  • Budgets are prepared each year, which sets the goals, objectives and strategies for the next year.
  • Monthly targets are set which helps keep people focused.
  • Training needs are assessed regularly.
  • The Client gets a full consultancy service for a fraction of the price of an office junior.
  • An on-going `partnership` is developed which means that the consultant is more tuned into the Client needs on an on-going basis.
  • Because they meet regularly but are not part of the official management team and not involved in the business on a full time basis, the Client gets impartial professional information and advice. Not necessarily what they want to hear, but what they have to hear.

Our Business Foundation package means:

  • The Client gets a full professional consultancy service for a fraction of the price of an office junior.
  • Free access to all networking events, some of which include training.
  • Automatic access to other clients which means that you have the opportunity to get more business and to source supplies for your business at preferential rates.
  • An on-going `partnership` is developed which means that the consultant is more tuned into the Client needs on an on-going basis.
  • Preferential Discounts on all training and other services.


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