From having run his own four businesses from 1983 to 1994, The Founder of The Synergy Group, Robert Tallent (Bob), noticed in 1994, that the Small Entrepreneur had the exact same needs and anxieties as the larger business.  He saw, from his previous 11 years, that there was nobody out there who understood the Entrepreneur and provided a complete service.

Oh yes, there were accountants.  Accountants were seen by people to be God to businesses.  They knew how to prepare accounts, interpret the ills of the business and plan for the future.  Bank managers who needed business plans from their clients would send them to accountants. 

Having worked with accountants for the previous 11 years, he discovered it was a different story.  Now don’t pick this up the wrong way.  Accountants are brilliant people.  They have passed very tough exams and know business from the point of view of figures.  They can take a set of figures and make sense of them. 

Most Entrepreneurs hate figures, so they are happy to leave them to the professionals.  But entrepreneurs should be under no illusions, they also should interpret the figures, but from the perspective of looking into the future, looking at the goals they want to meet, the strategies & the changes to their internal structures they will have to devise in order to achieve them.  If they can’t interpret them themselves, then they should talk to someone who can, but as said, from the perspective of looking into the future & building the business.

Some people would say that accountants and auditors look back into history to produce the figures.  Well, that is true.  A management accountant will try to project forward into the future.  Most accountants and auditors are good at producing accounts, even interpreting the figures and telling you what is wrong, from a figure perspective.  But, in general, they can’t tell you how to rectify a problem.

Just as the medical profession has specialists within all areas.  (You wouldn’t dream of asking your GP to remove your tonsils or to fill a tooth).  So too has business.  The Entrepreneur has a need for many business specialists. 

The Entrepreneur has all the needs of the larger business but they also have some differences. 

They are smaller, have fewer staff, have to work longer hours, have to be a ‘jack of all trades’, have a business dream that they guard, have no time and even less money.  They are brilliant at what they do.  They are brilliant gardeners, electricians, sales people, fountain installers, designers of garden furniture, or whatever.  But they cannot be brilliant at everything.  God has still not made the perfect person.  Our clients recognise that they are brilliant at what they do.  But in general, they are not great at management or business in general, bookkeeping or administration, business planning or financial projections, etc.  These things that they are not good at or don’t like are left last to be done, don’t get done at all or are left to someone else.  Sometimes too late.

From being an Entrepreneur from 1983 and from having returned to college in 1992 to study Business Studies & Marketing (he qualified in 1995) Robert Tallent recognised all these issues.  So, in 1994, he founded The Synergy Group to fill all these needs.

Initially, because he was an Industrial Engineer from 1970 and worked in a number of large manufacturing companies in senior management positions, he started the Company providing an Industrial Engineering service to manufacturing companies.  He got a few contracts and quickly realised that the Entrepreneur had greater needs.

He was trained as a Management and Business Trainer and developed Entrepreneurial Consultancy Skills.  He realised that he did not know everything and needed further specialists, so he surrounded himself with specialists in most areas of business.  Financial, Marketing, Legal Secretarial, Public Relations, Manufacturing, ISO 9000, Strategic Planning, Computers, Taxation, to mention a few.

That Network of Specialists is growing the whole time, dependent on client needs and the future direction of the Company


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