Change is a Grand Thing

Change is good for the soulFrom time to time owners update their brand visuals, hoping that it attracts a new stream of customers. They do this not because of some grand strategy, but an assumption that the brand image needs some polishing.

While the visual image ‘might’ be in need of a good sprucing up, the actual truth in the matter is, it’s the company’s internal culture that could also use a good polishing.

Time wears us all down. Even the process of determining what needs changing is in itself a good therapy. Cleansing is good for the soul. Brand cleansing is smart because it can actually put money on the table and save you money at the same time.

To change begs the question –  “to what?” I would suggest that you not change too drastically for fear of losing or at the least alienating the customers you have now. The change should be consistent with existing brand values and not change for change’s sake. I had a customer who wanted to change to the image of a high technology innovator. After speaking with their customers it was discovered that they (their customers) didn’t see them as innovative bud rather reliable. Several said they go elsewhere for innovation. Imagine the disconnect if they had gone through with that desired change.

How many reading of you this post have changed your company image based solely on the advice of graphic designers and ad agencies not thinking strategically for your benefit, but buttering their own bread. As I’ve always mentioned – change is great, but only strategically. Do it for the bigger picture.

Make sure the visuals, culture and cache with customers all compliment one another. And lastly be sure that there is consistency among all elements.


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