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The Rat Trap
band that Don't Like Mondays.


While I do confess to being a Bob Geldof more than a Boomtown Rats fan, I was still ecstatic when it was announced they were to headline two shows in Vicar Street in Dublin. These were to be their first concerts in Dublin in 27 years so it was history in the making for these concerts. They did have one in Cork earlier this year, but conflicting schedules at the time meant that I was unable to attend, so I was very relieved when Dublin was added to the list.

Do you remember when we used to sing, Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da

This 68 year old Northern Irish Singer Songwriter has explored soul, jazz, blues, rhythm & blues, rock and roll, Celtic folk, pop balladry and more. He has referred to his music as “Caledonia soul,” reflecting his deep immersion in American roots music and Irish mysticism and was a member of the 1960’s group ‘Them’. The man was voted the 42nd Greatest Artist in Rock 'n' Roll by Rolling Stone magazine and is former First Lady, Laura Bush's favourite singer, even though he was invited to sing at President George W. Bush's inauguration, which he declined. He is intensely private and cantankerous and is not given to making public pronouncements. At 64, he faced an allegation that he had become a father again to a baby boy by a woman who was not his wife. He has 500 songs and 41 albums and in 1972 began to develop stage fright. His second and present wife is a former Miss Ireland.


One of my favourite Blues artists of all time Mr Elmore James was born on January 27, 1918 and is credited as one of the most influential blues artists of his generation and to this day has a sound that has been emulated and reproduced throughout the history of modern music.


A boy from nowhere still going strong.


Pontypridd is not a place that springs to mind for music. However, one of the world’s most famous singers came from there. In 1963, he joined the band Tommy Scott and the Senators. He is nearly 74 years of age and has an OBE and a Knighthood. When he was 12, he got TB, which kept him in bed for two years. It was during this time that he began to develop his love of music. His marriage of 57 years is still as strong today as it was in 1957 and it produced a son, Mark, who is his manager today. He sang the theme song from Thunderball. In 1974 he moved to America to escape Britain’s 83% marginal tax rate and bought Dean Martins mansion in Bel Air.



Blues is the new Black. Guitar heroes. Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, George Thorogood, Billy Gibbons.

Blues Guitar Music

back in Vogue in a Bluesier World…

 Written by Eoghan Jennings March 2019


In hard economic times, the rate of employment drops.  We have less money and we get depressed. That ties in with the origins of the blues back in the 19th century in the southern plantations of the United States. Slaves and their descendants began to sing it to help them overcome hardship and poverty.  It helped them when they were feeling down and to rid themselves of frustration.  They began to feel happy and forget their troubles. Your dog died, you got the blues. Your wife left you, you got the blues. You fall out of love, you got the blues. You lose your job, you got the blues.

"The Dubliners had re-energised and refreshed Ireland’s unique musical heritage." (President Mary McAleese)

The Dubliners 1984 onwards. Jim McCann, Paddy reilly, Ronnie Drew,  Eamonn Campbell, John Sheahan,  Barney McKenna and Sean CannonRonnie Drew was an English teacher in 1961 when he returned to Dublin from Spain where he had been learning the guitar.  He used to sing, play guitar and tell stories at parties. His voice was described “like coke being crushed under a door”. Comedian John Molloy asked him to warm up the audience at his Gaiety Theatre show. Ronnie brought Barney McKenna, a superb tenor banjo player, with him. The lads then met every Friday night in Dublin’s O’Donoghue’s Pub on Merrion Row. Luke Kelly had just returned from England and student Ciaran Bourke joined them. The rest, as they say, is history, and to this day, the music has never stopped in O’Donoghue’s.

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