Jaguar SS100Why do a lot of people love Jaguar Cars?  I admit to being one of them and in fact I would say with me it is a passion.  There are many reasons for this and it could be said that it is because they have produced some iconic cars over the years since Sir William Lyons produced the SS1 in 1934.  William Lyons started manufacturing cars under the name of SS Cars before the last war and in 1945 he changed the name to Jaguar Cars.  Since then they have always been a car to behold and love for their lines and style and grace.

The Jaguar car is like no other car in the world and it has made the heart of many a young (and not so young) man and woman flutter uncontrollably for generations.  I wonder how many people can actually list all of the models that Jaguar has ever produced and I include the special ones for racing.


  • 1929 Austin Seven Swallow
  • 1931 Swift Swallow, Austin Seven Swallow
  • 1932 Standard Big Nine with Swallow body
  • 1933 SS1
  • 1935 SS1
  • 1935/36 SS2
  • 1935 SS90
  • 1936-1939 SS100

Jaguar Cars formed in 1945

  • 1946 1½ litre Saloon
  • 1948 XK 120 Roadster
  • 1948 Mk V saloon
  • 1950 Mk VII saloon
  • 1953/4 XK140 Roadster
  • 1950 XK 120C
  • 1953 C-type
  • 1954 D-
  • 1956/57 XK 140 Drop head and Saloon
  • 1956 MK 1 Saloon
  • 1957 XK SS
  • 1957 Mk VIII
  • 1957/58 XK 150 Coupé and Saloon
  • 1959 MK IX
  • 1960 MK II
  • 1961 E-Type
  • 1961 MK X
  • 1966 420G
  • 1967 MKII becomes 240 and 340
  • 1968 E-type Series 2
  • 1968 XJ6 Series 1
  • 1969 Daimler model known as Sovereign Series
  • 1970 E-type Series 3
  • 1972 XJ 12
  • 1974 XJ6 Series 2 and also the Daimler Double Six
  • 1975 both Jaguar and Daimler
  • 1979 XJ6 Saloons Series III
  • 1983 XJ-S
  • 1988 XJ220 Concept
  • 1990 S Type
  • 2000 X Type
  • 2010 XF

In my view it is because they stand out from the crowd and look like they want to be driven.  The lines they produce could be said to defy styling tradition.  I think that they ask you to look at them and touch them.  This is so true of the MKII, MKX, E-type, XF and XK.  They are a car that people want to talk about and are proud to say they own one.

Jaguars are a car for the ordinary person, if you can afford to buy one and run it. To own a Jaguar is a dream of a lot of people (that includes me) sadly I fear it will always remain a dream. Jaguars are a British institution and now that they are an independent company again flair and design excellence are coming out in the cars again.  So many people have a favourite Jaguar and I am no different and mine is the Jaguar MKII, I cannot say why it is, but there is just something about it.  For now I will have to be content with the models of those Jaguars that I have, which is quite a few I might add.  One day I may get to own one but by then I could be too old to drive.

Jagua MK IIJaguar has always managed to design a car that is visually stunning and they have somehow been able to combine excellent styling with road holding and fantastic driveability.  It has to be something when royalty and governments use your cars to drive around in.  Jaguar has at times been very daring and using their V12 engine added superchargers and made a humble looking saloon into a super saloon.  Their sports cars are always something that is waited for by the public and the press.  It is a case of what have they done now.

Jaguar has taken many of their cars racing it started with the MKI and MKII.  The C-Type and D-Type were both very successful in the 1950’s and then they dropped out for a number of years.  The E-type has been raced privately but never as a Jaguar Racing Team.

Jaguar E TypeIn the late 1980’s they went back to their roots as far as racing was concerned and built a bespoke car and what a car.  The Jaguar XJR-9 was a winner from day one winning at Le Mans.  The previous incarnation the Jaguar XJR-8 had won the World Sports Car Championship in its first year of running.  Some are still running in Historic Racing and are still doing very well.

Some of their concept cars have been as eye catching as the cars they manufacture.  One of their most iconic concept cars that went in to production was the XJ220, it was a masterpiece of engineering and found favour with the super-rich and was also used by Jaguar to race with limited success but it still races today privately.

Jaguar XJ 220Recently they have gone back to their roots and are producing cars designed to be looked at and also driven with passion.  I for one cannot wait to see what and when they produce their next coupé/roadster.  If you look at the XF it is simple in its styling and yet classic Jaguar in its lines.

There are only two things I think that Jaguar should never do and that is put a diesel engine in their cars and I have never been a fan of an estate Jaguar.

Jaguars are a car to be admired, loved and driven.  People love Jaguars for many reasons but for many it is just the name and for some it is for the passion of driving a well designed and built piece of automotive engineering and history.

The “Jaguar” is an elusive cat prowling the forests at night hunting its prey.  A Jaguar car comes up beside you so often they sound like they are purring gently beside you and then they are gone in a flash; very much like the wild animal.  Coincidence I think not the naming of a brand that has taken the world by storm by a man who understood what he was doing.  I can say I admire Sir William Lyons the founder and those that have followed him in running Jaguar Cars for continuity of style and grace.


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