Supervisory Training 

Supervisor TrainingYou are preparing yourself for promotion to supervisor or you have been promoted.  One of the hardest moves to accomplish is the transition from being a team member to that of team leader or supervisor. As someone in a supervisory role, you are no longer on equal terms with your peers and have to earn their respect, show authority and leadership, often having to make unpopular decisions. 

The newly appointed supervisor needs to lead, guide, manage, cope with the problems and complexities of the supervisor's role, but also take advantage of the possibilities and potential. You need to enable your staff to lead by example and so gain their trust and respect. You need to be able to identify different personalities and get the best from them.  If trained properly, the new supervisor will be able to mentor new personnel, provide constructive feedback and handle delicate situations assertively.

Our Supervisor Skills training courses include all of the essential elements of supervision and line management and will provide valuable guidance on effective performance and people management for anyone in a modern business environment.  Regardless whether you are in service based industry or manufacturing.

You need to:

 In addition to the above, on The Synergy Group courses you will get:

 Advice on supervisory method and methodologies and Instruction on Supervisory Process and Procedures

All these issues and a thousand more will be covered on our Supervisory Training Courses.

Our courses vary in length from a day long to several weeks.  They can be off the shelf or bespoke designed especially for your company or agency.

The above are a few areas The Synergy Group can help you with

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