SuccessIn order to make the relationship between you and us work, we are fussy in choosing the right clients.  Our parents told us to choose our friends wisely.  We have to do the same with our clients.  Our clients become our friends.

We have to make sure that your values and ours are pointing the right way.  If they’re not, the chances are that the relationship won’t work.  You may not get the full benefit of what we can offer and we may not get the satisfaction of a job well done.  There has to be a good fit.

We ask you to read this article to see if our philosophy and approach suits your needs.  If you feel it doesn’t or if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.

Our clients vary from start-up 1 person businesses through businesses of 50+ employees that want to develop to the next level to struggling businesses that are stressed or in trouble.  Our clients are businesses.  Businesses are run by people and these businesses are both from the commercial sector as well as not for profit, e.g. community/voluntary and social enterprises.

Over the years, we’ve learned that we can’t work with everyone.  We can’t work with clients who:

Over the past 20 years, we’ve learnt to be fussy.  This is good for our clients, because if we take on a client that is not a good fit, then the ‘spark’ is not there.

Our image of the perfect client is:

In order for us to be really successful with you, we can’t operate just as a vendor of services.  We have to feel like a partner in your business.  Now, we’re not a real partner in terms of ownership.  But we have to feel that we can adopt your successes and challenge you.

You have ideas for developing your business or have a problem to overcome and you are not quite sure how to achieve it.  You have an open mind for new ideas and are not afraid to learn, then you are the ideal client.  You want to learn from the best businesses out there.

You have to be conducive to our growth as well as us to yours and you have to have a realistic budget.

Don’t be completely unrealistic with your expectations.  Expect more – yes, but be sensible.  We will push you as far as you will allow yourself to be pushed.

You can’t be afraid of making decisions.  These decisions will help drive your business forward, become different from your competitors, produce products that people want to buy, achieve your goals and overcome problems.

Over the past 20 years, we have overcome many challenges and we’ve learned what works well in terms of fit.  This is not being arrogant, it is being realistic and sensible.

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