Do you have some underachievers to supervise

RulesDo you have one or two employees whose performance is below standard? If so, here are ten rules for managing their performance.

Rule #1

Don’t allow an unsatisfactory employee to go on indefinitely. Give him or her a time by which the work quality must be improved.

Rule #2

Don’t assume an employee automatically understands what is expected of him or her on the job.

Rule #3

Speak directly to the employee and identify those aspects of his or her performance that are not acceptable based on standards or previously discussed objectives.

Rule #4

Document work behaviour to be able to substantiate expressed concerns about the individual's job performance.

Rule #5

When discussing performance problems with an underachiever, discuss the problem dispassionately. Focus on the performance; avoid personal attacks.

Rule #6

Don’t be sarcastic or resentful when an employee's work is not satisfactory.

Rule #7

Don’t wait until a formal performance review to discuss problems with an employee's work.

Rule #8

Surround your ideas and suggestions for improved performance with a supportive managerial attitude. If all your counselling does is to provoke anxiety, your employee isn't very likely to change in the manner in which you want.

Rule #9

Diffuse anger by taking a collaborative rather than accusatory attitude. Consider the difference in the following two approaches to talking to an underachiever: “You’re not pulling your weight around here. You've got to be faster and more accurate.” “I’d like to go over your work methods with you. I think you can accomplish more and make fewer errors if we put our heads together.”

Rule #10

Follow through on an employee's work, even after he or she has shown improvement. This ensures continued improved performance.

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