InterviewI’ve been asked by many people who are searching for jobs and who are getting negative or no replies at all for advice on what is wrong.  Over the years, I have mentored many people in the job market and there is one thing that is common to every search and every application.

That is that each person must equate themselves to a business.  Whether they like it or not, each person is a salesperson.  They have to sell themselves and as any salesperson will tell you, selling themselves is very difficult.  They can sell almost anything else except themselves.

So let’s look at the process.  In marketing, you have the 4 Ps of marketing – Product, Price, Promotion and Place. 


The product is YOU and you have to prepare yourself, turn yourself into a saleable product, package yourself and make yourself appealing to those you want to buy you, i.e. the employer.


You have to consider the salary you want. Compare it to the market, your competition, your skills and experience, how long you have been out of work, etc.  Modern pricing is strategic.  Therefore you have to consider a salary you want in order to get a job.  Too low and you will seem ‘cheap’ and you may be unhappy.  Too high and you may not get a job too quickly.  Middle ground and you will be the same as everyone else.


this is where you have to tell everyone “I’m looking for a job”.  There are do’s and don’t’s here and I’ll go thro them in another article.  But in short, carry out a lot of networking.  Go to shows, exhibitions, meetings, give talks, get involved in voluntary activities, etc.  Spot opportunities for local businesses and offer them your advice.  Get involved in social networking, e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Setup a blog for yourself using sites like Wordpress.  Remember that what you say can be read by the entire world, therefore be aware of how you want to be perceived.  “Perception is Reality”.  How a person perceives you is real in their mind, regardless of how you ‘think’ it should be perceived or indeed the truth.  Remember of video of you drunk on a night out that somehow appears on YouTube will do huge damage.  Also, comments and photos on Facebook that can be perceived wrong, will do damage.  LinkedIn can be a massive tool for you. Learn how to use it effectively.  Write articles and be seen as an ‘expert’.  For example, this is an article.  You should write another one, send them in to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I’ll have them edited for publication on one of my sites.


This is another word for ‘distribution’.  It is how you get yourself to the end employer.  It can be directly by you, e.g., letters, emails, personal calls, etc.  It can be through third parties like employment agencies, head hunters, Intreo, FAS, etc.  You can make contact with people working in companies you would like to work in and ask them to recommend you.  If you have a degree or other qualificiation, go through your college.  If you have done other training or re-skilling, go through those companies.

To finish,

you have to examine the market, prepare yourself, put yourself in front of the employers, give off the right image suitable to what they are looking for and how you want to be perceived and you have to have never ending drive and perseverence.  Never Give Up.