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The Basic Social Welfare rates from January 2015 are:


Basic Social Welfare rates from January 2015



Adult Dependent

Contributory OAP (Full Rate)


€206.30 (aged 66 or over)

Non Contributory OAP


€144.70 (aged 66 or over)

Contributory Widows - under 66



Contributory Widows - 66 or over



Invalidity Pension



Maternity Benefit



Supplementary Welfare



Carer’s Allowance - under 66



Carer’s Allowance - 66 or over



All Other Payments



Living Alone Allowance



Over 80 Allowance



In assessing eligibility, the CWO takes into account all income coming into the house including part-time earnings of a spouse and income of other adults. Full-time students and persons working over 30 hours are not generally eligible. Decisions can be appealed to Social Welfare Appeals Office, D’Olier House, D’Olier Street, Dublin 2 (Ph: 01-6732800; LoCall 1890 74 74 34).

Pensioners who don’t have a Social Welfare pension can qualify at age 66 on the same terms provided their means don’t exceed the Contributory OAP rate by more than €100.

If you are aged 70 or over, you can qualify for all of these free schemes regardless of your income or its source and regardless of who lives with you. If you are widowed and aged 60 or over, you can retain the free schemes and free travel if your late spouse had them, and you satisfy the other conditions.