Nissan Qashqai and Rolls Royce PhantomOnce upon a time, car sales in Ireland and Europe were thriving. 

In recent years, they have been rising and dropping.  The first half of 2014 showed 65,704 car sales in Ireland with the VW Golf and Nissan Qashqai being the two best selling models and diesel being the best selling engine type by far (73.29%).  2013 showed 53,225 cars sold in the same period.  That is a 23.4% increase for 2014.

Price and yield behaviour during
Recovery, Prosperity, Recession and Depression phases.

How to profit from the property marketWhen it comes to real estate investment, the majority of people blindly rely on property market gossip and anecdotal “professional” opinion on how the market is performing and how that performance is reflected on property price and yields.  I plan to publish this article in two parts:

The first intention is to raise awareness on property market economics with emphasis to supply, demand, price and yield behaviour;

The second focus is on market performance barometers, analysis and their importance within investment decision making.

Car parks can use LED like these onesBefore the Industrial Revolution, day light hours for the most part defined the working day. Today we work long after sunset. The onset of the Industrial Revolution and the invention of electricity provided the advancement needed for  good lighting and this in no small part contributed to increased productivity from the new industrial machines.

Waste car BatteriesRichard D’Arcy continues his two-part article on company liability.

This week he continues his focus on waste disposal and looks at scenarios where a possible civil case might occur.  Part 1 is here.

Let us imagine a sticky situation where John Doe calls to the office with a van looking for old batteries and the supervisor hands the company batteries over to just get rid of them. This van travels down the road a few kilometers and John Doe gets a very bad smell in the van. Two of the batteries are leaking, so he stops and dumps them in a field beside the road and continues on his way. A few years later the local tidy towns committee are cleaning up in the area and a child notices the rubbish in the field beside the road. He climbs down to collect the rubbish and the sulphuric acid spills over and burns him badly.

wastePart 1 - Liability in Business

When a financial consultant conducts a wealth review of your assets everyone thinks of a balance sheet, debtors, creditors, stock, raw material, banks, business goodwill and customer orders as a good starting point to let you know what you can expect in retirement from the business.


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