Annual Planning 

 Annual Planning can include reviewing the achievements of the present year and preparing a plan for the next.  It can look at each department of the business, work with the owner/manager or your managers to examine what has happened and what didn’t happen, what was planned to happen, why it did or didn’t happen and to set plans for next year in order to achieve the goals of the company.  It will set objectives, strategies and tactics.  It can include meetings, which can last a full day or longer, with relevant staff in order to prepare for next year. 

Whatever size your company is you must always prepare for the future. The larger businesses do it, so you should learn from their successes and do it also. 

The Synergy Group will work with you to build a picture of the present state of health of your company.  

Using these analysis and figures we can look at your Company’s future in a more objective light. We can prepare a set of budgets and projections for your company to achieve over the course of a year. Together with you, we will monitor these projections on a monthly basis so we can assess the overall performance of your company.  

The benefit for you, the entrepreneur, is a greater awareness of your company’s strengths and weaknesses and the ability to act in advance before major problems occur. 

What could happen if your company diverges from the set out plans, e.g. will you have cash flow problems, will you oversell, what will it do to your solvency, will you still make a profit, should you re-assess your business strategies like pricing, marketing, etc.  The main features of our Annual Planning Service include: 

  • Create annual budgets and projections, targets, objectives, strategies, etc.
  • Regular meetings, at least once per month, to ensure budgets are being adhered to.
  • Reassessing the budget monthly in light of actual figures. This will allow us the opportunity to change them allowing for real life actual events. For example, we may reduce the sales budgets or increase the promotions budget or employ an extra sales person, etc. When we change the figures allowing for these changes, we will then examine your business to see the effects a few months from now and also to see if you will achieve your objectives.
  • Creating new budgets monthly based on actual figures.
  • Establishing why there was a deviation from the original budget. Did we get it wrong, was the research wrong, has the business environment changed, etc.
  • Aid in the preparation of budgets.
  • Installing systems to monitor information and to interpret figures.

If you are a micro business, i.e. employ less than 10 people or even work on your own with no employees, it is equally as important for you to carry out this planning. 


What happens if you get sick or your competitors attack you or somebody new enters the marketplace. In short, you are equally as prone, if not more so, than your larger cousins for things to go wrong and you need to prepare for them.  The larger companies do it. Why don't you? 

What The Synergy Group can do for you: 

  • Review your past performance and plan for the future.
  • Review your accounts, prepare ratio analysis and plan forward.
  • Facilitate meetings with your staff to plan the future by setting individual and team targets and budgets.
  • Prepare Budgets and Projections with you or your team for the future.
  • Prepare you for meetings with banks and investors.
  • Review your achievements every month Vs the plan and readjust the plan.
  • Stress test your budgets.
  • Help you to prepare your goals, objectives, strategies and tactics by reviewing your past and future figures.
  • Create the environment for you and your team to copy the 'big boys' successes.
  • Plan for the unexpected.
  • Generally prepare you for the future by looking into your very own Crystal Ball

 Contact The Synergy Group and we will examine your Annual Planning requirements. We will look at what you need to do, what you want to do and we will pull together a plan with you. 

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