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einsteinInventors think differently to the rest of us. George Bernard Shaw and Robert Kennedy said You see things as they are and ask, "Why?" I dream things as they never were and ask, "Why not?" 

The Japanese use the word ‘kaizan’, which refers to continuous improvement and Thomas Edison said “there is always a better way”.

Do you realise that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we`re kids?

If you`re less than 10 years old, you`re so excited about aging that you think in fractions.

Chief TecumsehChief Tecumseh of the Shawnee Indians

Chief Tecumseh placed a curse on the American presidency during the War of 1812.  While Chief Tecumseh died fighting for the Canadians against the Americans, he placed a curse on every American president elected in a year that ended in a zero.  The curse said that they would die during his presidency.  

English dictionaries21 Reasons Why The English Language Is Hard To Learn:

How did you get so richLuigi (father): 'My son, I want you to marry a girl of my choice.'

Son: 'Father, I will choose my own bride!!!'

Luigi: 'Yes that's ok, but the girl is Bill Gates' daughter..'

Son: 'Well, in that case . . . ok'

harpEvery country, civilisation and culture has had a flag or emblem to set them apart from other countries and cultures.

Some have become internationally iconic (our own shamrock – although it isn’t our official emblem); others have become symbols of hate (the Swastika).

Legend has it that the shamrock was used by St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, as part of his efforts to convert the Irish to Christianity. The three leaves on a sprig of shamrock denoted for him the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This was an inspired choice as most people could not read then and St Patrick was almost teaching with pictures!


ferengiDo you remember Star Trek.  The alien species known as Ferengi were big capitalists.  Below are a set of guidelines intended to ensure the profitability of businesses owned by the Ferengi.  The Ferengi had many rules and the ones below are just their Rules of Acquisition

John Ruskin It’s unwise to pay too much

but its worse to pay too little.

balls too bigThe doctor said, “Joe, the good news is I can cure your headaches. The bad news is that it will require castration. You have a very rare condition, which causes your testicles to press on a nerve at the base of your spine and the pressure creates one hell of a headache. The only way to relieve the pressure is to remove the testicles.”


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