99 years of achievement

Mai Tallent on her 99th Birthday with her daughter Ben

I’d like to wish a really Happy Birthday to my Aunt, Mai Tallent.  Mai is in hospital in Kilkenny and is doing well.  She has had a very full life over the past 99 years.

Mai was born Mai Gorey from Sheestown in County Kilkenny.  She trained as a butter maker, spent two years in Ramsgate and then returned to Bennetsbridge Creamery.  She married, “the Squire” of Sheestown, Jack Tallent, my uncle (my father’s older brother).  Jack was one of 15 kids, a large family by any reckoning.  She received many visitors yesterday and loads of cards and well wishes.

My First Cousin Toby 

from left to right TJ, my first cousin, Me and Toby. Back left to right - Ben, Toby's sister, Mary, Toby's sister and my Father, Tony. At Toby's Wedding on 9th September 1976.I have two sisters and no brothers – I’m the one in the middle. We had an older brother who drowned before I was born and my mother had another miscarriage.  Throughout my family on both my mother and fathers side, there are predominantly girls and my father is one of 15 kids from Kilkenny.  

vegetablesWhat is the fascination with gardening and growing your own vegetables?  
I asked myself that question for years before I came with my wife to live in Ireland.  Yes, in the past with other partners I had a garden and grew a few vegetables purely because I felt I should. 


This is so hard to explain and is a very personal view.

To try to answer my own question today, 21st February isthe first anniversary of my own mother passing on, is probably one of the hardest things I have ever tried to write.


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