The Synergy Group’s role in this area is to assist and speed up the development of the entrepreneur’s new business. 

The four cornerstones upon which the Group principally functions are SMEN – Support, Mentoring, Education, and Networking.  

Business MazeThe Synergy Group provides full circle support to its paying clients in terms of Mentoring, Business Planning, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Legal Help, Public Relations, Technology, etc.  

The purpose is to offer full circle support to the entrepreneur when they need it most.  They can choose the level of support they wish, e.g. they can choose from mentoring/coaching to full support from the Group to include all professional services that looks after all their business, management and training needs, or they can just cherry pick to suit.  The choice is totally theirs.  We can be the one stop fully dedicated lifeline/helpline for entrepreneurs – facilitating the transition of their ideas into fully fledged successful businesses. 

We offer further discounts on products and services e.g. bookkeeping, accounts/auditing, administration, office accommodation, training, printing, sales, etc. necessary to boost start-ups. 


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