Retirement? Hell No!! – That’s for Old People.

Baby BoomersOver the past few years I’ve come into contact with a growing number of baby boomers who refuse to embrace the concept of retiring. To them it is more of a re-alignment of goals. They’re self-image is not of that of past generations of retirees. They don’t see themselves as white-hairs, in rocking chairs reminiscing past glories.

Today’s retiree (apologies) doesn’t appreciate the term ‘retirement.’ Re-alignment is their new identifying term which defines the next step in their journey. Recognizing that they possess a great deal of information and value, re-aligners see opportunities. They see a chance to reign in a new revenue stream. I get to meet these individuals because they want to be strong coming out of the gate. They recognize that their brand will be key in establishing this new reality.

Determining what their value will be and strategizing to harness it, are all part of the grand challenge.

My advice to many is to determine who you are, who you are talking to and what value you bring to the scenario? It would not be inadvisable to simply jump into the waters without a brand strategy in play. Are you targeting a niche audience? Are you trying to discover what your differentiator will be? How are you going to establish yourself as the expert you’ve come to be after all those years under the employ of someone else? How can you take all that wisdom and monetize it? Lots of important questions to be sure but each of them speak to the challenges that stand before you.

Most of the re-aligners I’m in contact with are taking the consultant road. They are familiar with the animal and can see themselves in that role. Most (if not all) are excited to get moving and are anxious to move forward. It makes them feel young again, many say it reminds them of the first job they acquired after university. For them it’s a new beginning. This time they have the wisdom and understand how to start out on a firm footing.




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