Some HR managers have reviewed so many CVs, that they have issued five phrases that will kill your CV (or Resume as they are known in America).

The problem is that these common words have been used to death, often with no real meaning or backup. They have lost all value, and will make HR managers eyes glaze over. The key is to give your points meaning and substance, by backing them up with hard facts and figures.

Words / phrases to avoid:

1.  "Responsible for..."

It's obvious you're responsible for something. Use numbers to quantify your accomplishments.

Rather than - "I was responsible for achieving sales targets", try - "I achieved 120% of my sales target"

2.  "Experienced"

Experience is subjective and meaningless without quantification. Give the specifics:

Rather than - "Experience in Website Marketing", try - "Increased visitor traffic rank for a well known retail Website by 56%..."

3.  "Excellent written communication skills"

Your idea of 'excellent' might be very different from someone else's. Back it up.

Rather than - "I have excellent written communications skills", try - "Wrote clear user documentation, which reduced customer service calls by 50%"

4.  "Team Player"

This one is even making your eyes glaze over now, right?

Fine, if you're a team player, quantify it.

Rather than - "I am a team player who works well in any group", try - "Worked with the sales director, on-site with customers, Website designers to..."

5.  "Detail oriented"

Doesn't mean much on its own, does it?

Rather than - "I am a detail oriented purchasing professional", try - "Wrote new purchasing agreements with three major suppliers, which resulted in €110K savings..."



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