a coach will make people see what they can be, rather than what they are

Executive Coaching Explored

I’m often asked to explain how Executive Coaching works. Where exactly is the border between coaching and counseling? How does psychotherapy fit into the mix? And, the BIG question: how do coaches attain ‘high level’ mental functioning while clients struggle? (that’s a whopper of an assumption right there).

Everything Revealed: Here’s the ‘answer’ that the world has been waiting on…and a bit of fun as the blog format is changed this week. William Wordsworth eat your heart out!

The Executive Coach

You don’t believe, you’ll ever need

An Executive Coach like me

You’re never bored, the kids are great

Most times you are happy

The finances are in super shape

And your partner is a rock

You’re life seems blessed with zero stress

So why should you take stock?

But..sometimes a chink in armour

Starts to suddenly appear

Personal or work confusion?

A Coach will make the ‘fog’ clear

The device is 1 to 1 sessions

Helping clients reach full potential

When you need a mental M.O.T.

An Executive Coach’s essential

Now let’s be clear on what’s involved here

We don’t provide hypnosis

Nor Indian head massage

And we don’t treat full psychosis

We tend to avoid directive stuff

Telling exactly what to do

Just listen hard with positive regard

Then gently challenge you

We’re always searching for patterns

Games unconsciously played

If you’re hitting the same wall all the time

There’s a risk you’ll become dismayed

There are different styles to enlighten

Gestalt and Transactional Analysis

A range of tools from psychology schools

To overcome mental paralysis

When you want to wrestle BIG questions

Like the meaning of life or dying

Existentialism is the best approach

If you’re up for a bit of crying

Perhaps your needs are more acute

As you find yourself in a blind panic

To release that fear, Freud has no peer

We roll out psychodynamic

When we work together in the room

Uncovering hidden dimensions

You might think you’re the one screwed up

And I’ve got the best intentions

But the reality is somewhat different

The pair of us are flawed

I only studied this stuff myself

Because I felt overawed.

Hey, just don’t tell anyone. Ok?



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