Everybody, especially me, suffers from procrastination.  It is something we have to fight against.  Unlike Homer Simpson who said, ‘why do today what you can put off till tomorrow’, we in the business world have to be more efficient.  So, here are some quick tips.

I keep my home office tidy.

When my home office is clean and uncluttered, so too is my brain.  I think clearer, my tasks get done and I’m more motivated.

I write down my daily ‘To Do’ list of tasks.

A list keeps me organised and on track, and ticking things off gives a huge sense of achievement. This, in turn, further feeds my productivity.

I write down an overall goal every morning

At the start of the day, or it is also recommended that you do the last thing at night, write down a goal for the day.

When I write down my goal it makes an enormous difference to my focus and productivity. For example, if my goal is: I will finish the database today, then everything I do for that day (consciously and subconsciously) moves me towards that goal.

I finish what I start

I have a problem getting distracted.  This is a biggie for me. On the days when I’m most productive I actually finish every task that I start before moving on to the next one. By having this ‘completion mindset’ I’m programmed to just get in and get things done.

I work in my zone.

Everyone has a zone when they are most productive.  Where possible, I think it’s important for people to work in their most productive 'zone’. I’m not a morning person.  For me, this is usually later in the morning, even into the evening. I work outside these hours too, but I’m usually less productive.

I try to stay mentally alert.

If my mind gets fuzzy, so too does my cranial output. To stay mentally alert, I have heard of the Pomodoro technique.  This is a time-management tool that also boosts productivity.  Check out this short video.

I reduce distractions

When I really need to focus I will usually shut down my email programs and the internet, put my phone on silent and close my door. Distractions are disastrous for productivity.

I’m accountable to someone

If I have a lot of tasks that I really need or want to get done, I’ll be accountable to someone.  If you are not accountable to someone, then things may not get done at all, on time or properly.  As an entrepreneur, it is unlikely that you have someone to report to, therefore you have in inbuilt inhibitor mechanism and that is not good.

You have to find someone to report to.  That person need not be your boss, but just a reporting mechanism.  That is critical. 

Here in The Synergy Group, we provide that reporting mechanism through our mentoring system.  Just call us on 01-8215189. Ask for Bob.

What are your productivity tips?



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