A company limited by shares has to have a minimum of two directors and a company limited by guarantee has to have a minimum of two directors and seven members.



A member of The Synergy Group can sit on a board to assist in overseeing the activities of a company. They can bring a non executive, balanced and impartial viewpoint as well as expertise in particular areas. 

What The Synergy Group can do for you: 

  • Sit on your board and advise as necessary.
  • Act as an impartial professional for your board
  • Help resolve conflicts.
  • Help to set objectives
  • Assist with the appointment of independent and objective non-executive directors
  • Assist with areas of corporate governance 

Contact The Synergy Group and we will examine your Board requirements. We will look at what you need to do, what you want to do and we will pull together a plan with you. 

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