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Here you can get help with your business plans regardless whether you are a startup or expanding business or not-for-profit


Every Business Person needs a mentor

Here you can get a long established mentor who has been there, done that and bought the tee shirt.

"Bob Tallent

gave me

the confidence

to run

my own business"

Bob Tallent retired from business in 2018. But that doesn’t mean he is a recluse now. He still has business interests and people can still contact him.  These days, he spends his time exploring new avenues, volunteering and spending more time with his family and grandkids.

We’re leaving the website here as a source of information.  People can still contact us with their ideas and suggestions.

Bob would like to thank all his clients, associates, suppliers and friends over the years for their support and encouragement.

You are Very Welcome to the Synergy Group Website. The best place to come for business and management information. Please feel free to browse our site to see how we can help you and your business. 

We help you to Start Your Own Business (clients have told us that we help them turn their dreams in businesses) as well as assist businesses that want to develop or are in trouble. The Synergy Group are a team of Business Consultants and Management Trainers for Small and Medium Size Businesses. The Synergy Group is a one-stop shop for all the needs of the Small to Medium Sized Business and Community and Voluntary Associations.

You have the Skill, Motivation and Incentive to run your own Business
and we have the Business & Management Expertise.
The Perfect Formula for Success.

We offer Business & Consultancy Services and Training to all categories of business from service providers to manufacturing. From people who are either thinking of starting, or are starting a Business, to Entrepreneurs with established companies. In addition, we can provide a full accounting service from bookkeeping through to full accounts and audits. We can provide you with a complete I.T. service from producing your web site through, networking, systems design, software design, etc. Also, we can give you a full range of Secretarial and Business Services including full office rental & virtual offices. We take people through the pain of starting a business - which includes planning, finances, funding, preparing a business plan, budgeting, setting objectives, meeting banks & other institutions & so on. We also work with people who are running a business for a few years and need Business and Management Expertise, maybe to expand the business or even just to stay afloat.

In general, people running a business are brilliant at the skill they have, e.g. landscaping gardening, selling, installing alarms, etc., but when they lack Business & Management Expertise, they need The Synergy Group.

Now you have the perfect marriage of business. You have the Skill, Motivation and Incentive to run your own Business and we have the Business & Management Expertise. The Perfect Formula for Success.

We also see this site as a source of information to anyone who wants to know more about business in Ireland, whether they are students studying business or someone who wants to set up a company now or sometime in the future.

So, whether you are looking to Start or Develop your Business, need Training or just simply need a Professional Office Environment, look no further than `The Synergy Group`

Our offices are located in Hartstown, Dublin 15, which is part of Clonsilla & Blanchardstown. Dublin 15 has a very large number of business parks, retail parks, industrial estates and the largest shopping centre in Ireland.


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