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Sales Training 



Previously, Sales Training Programs were evaluated along the lines of: 

  • "He was a great speaker."
  • "She held our attention throughout the entire session."
  • “He reminded me of things I had forgotten.”
  • "I learned a valuable selling tip (or technique) from the workshop.”

While The Synergy Group’s sales training is based on tips, techniques and the speaker's ability to talk, effective sales training also transfers knowledge into action. It is focused on the right selling skills. 

The Synergy Group’s Sales Training Courses vary in length from a talk of one hour to a week’s seminar.  They are both bespoke – our own programmes that we have delivered hundreds of times before – and ones that are specially tailored to your needs. 

Who are they aimed at? 

  • You may be a new or trainee sales person or a person who wants to get into sales.
  • You may be a sales manager and has identified a need in your sales team, perhaps as a result of an annual review or because your sales are not where you need them to be.
  • You need your sales skills revitalised.
  • Tele sales people who need to upskill. 

We have a three stage process and we bring you through 

  • The DAC factor – Drive Attitude and Confidence
  • MRRS – Motivation, Reinforcement, Retention and Skills
  • Psychology. 

DAC Factor

93% of a person’s performance is based on the DAC factor. 

Without the Drive, you have a lack of goals – remember goals are personal as well as business based.  We will show you how to add the WILL to the SKILL.

To be successful in sales, you must have an Attitude that supports you through the ups and downs of the sales cycle. You must be able to cope with rejection, move quickly to take advantage of opportunities, and all the while impress clients with your enthusiasm and energy.

With a positive Attitude, it helps you to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking.

I read of a lecture by author Norman Vincent Peale, who spoke about attitude.

"The most important thing I've learned in my life is that positive thoughts produce positive results and negative thoughts produce negative results," he said. "I only wish I would have learned it as a younger man."

We have within us the power to respond to any given situation in any way we wish regardless of the circumstance. We can choose to respond positively or negatively.  "Looking on the bright side" is important, but there is more. A positive attitude is a conscious choice to always see the possibilities, the way through and the way out of even the worst of circumstances.

As consultants, we have been asked what makes a successful sales representative, how can I make more money and why do other people sell more than me.

It boils down one thing – Confidence. Yes, you have to know how to sell. You have to follow your leads. But you cannot really succeed in sales without confidence in yourself and absolute belief in the product you sell.

Confidence means the ability to take control of the call. It means you have the tenacity to take on all objections. Having confidence tells the prospect that you are the authority figure.

Confidence also means that you don’t have to give a price discount. It means that you know you have a solid product and you know the prospect needs the products you sell. All you have to do is make the prospect want the products you sell.


Without motivation there can be no learning at all.

Follow-up reinforcement has proven to prevent relapse into old behaviour. When the manager of the salesperson that is being trained does the follow-up reinforcement, it sends a signal that the salesperson will be held accountable for learning. It develops the coaching ability of the manager at the same time.

87% of learning is forgotten in only 30 days. Without a systematic approach to learning, selling behaviour will not change. The Synergy Group training prepares sales people and managers for sales by conducting reinforcement and encouraging retention. Effective sales training is a complete learning management system.

You can't teach salespeople to do 100 new things at once. Nor, can you alter their personalities. The Synergy Group Sales Training brings people through the Buyer Seller Relationship, Sales Call Planning, Questioning Skills, Presentation Skills and Gaining Commitment.


The sales process is a requirement for the on-going success of every organisation and so it is essential that every person involved in the sales process be trained and constantly up skilled in the psychology of selling.  It looks at body language, different types of people and interpersonal skills, among many other areas.  It shows you how to take control of the situation and how to detect the ‘buying signals’.  Additionally it shows how to identify the needs of the buyer, even when they may not know them themselves.

Some Sales methods and approaches

They are often reduced to simple frameworks and acronyms that the sales person can remember and follow e.g.

  • ADAPT:   Assessment, Discovery, Activation, Projection, Transition
  • AIDA:     Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
  • ARC:      Ask, Recommend, Close and Cross-sell
  • CHaR:    Confusion, Humour and Request.
  • LAIR:     Listen, Acknowledge, Identify objection, Reverse it
  • LOCATE: Listen, Observe, Combine, Ask, Talk, Empathize
  • SELL:     Show, Explain, Lead to benefits, Let them talk
  • SPIN:     Questions about Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-Payoff
  • FAB:      Features, Attributes (or Advantages), Benefits.
  • QUAPMAC: Question, Unique, Ascending, Preclose, Match, Askback, Close
  • NETPOSC: Number, Enquire, Total, Pre-close, Overcome, Satisfy or Stop, Close

 What The Synergy Group can do for you 

  • Assess your sales training needs and design a course for your company.
  • Provide a one hour presentation at every one of your monthly sales meetings.
  • Bring your staff through a sales process every month for a year.
  • Provide training for new sales people.
  • Up skill sales people.
  • Provide training for both sales managers and their staff in a constructive way to help achieve results.
  • Provide you with a calendar of sales training courses.
  • Provide tale sales training 

Contact The Synergy Group and we will examine your sales training needs. We will look at your achievements, what you need to do, what you want to do and we will pull together a training course with you to bring to the next stage of your business development. If you’re a new business, we can help you get started.  And, if you want, we will stay with you for the length of the plan.  Now that's commitment. 

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