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Too Much EgoI’m currently learning a new song. ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’ was originally released by the Shirells in the early 1960’s and, over the years, various artists have covered this standard. The song has been officially added to the play list for Friday night crooning in the GAA club. I’m hoping to appeal to the feminine side of the local hurling team. What do you think of that as a strategy? It could even become the National Anthem for Consultants (we always seem a bit paranoid that clients will not ‘love us tomorrow’).

a coach will make people see what they can be, rather than what they are

Executive Coaching Explored

I’m often asked to explain how Executive Coaching works. Where exactly is the border between coaching and counseling? How does psychotherapy fit into the mix? And, the BIG question: how do coaches attain ‘high level’ mental functioning while clients struggle? (that’s a whopper of an assumption right there).

How to dig a trench

trenchOnce upon a time, an elderly couple retired to the countryside - to a small isolated cottage overlooking some rugged and rocky heath land.

One early morning the woman saw from her window a young man dressed in working clothes walking on the heath, about a hundred yards away. He was carrying a spade and a small case, and he disappeared from view behind a copse of trees.

You make feel like a winnerOn Thursday, 30th January I attended a presentation in the Donaghies Community School. I’ve an ongoing connection with the school – with a focus on getting as many as the young students as possible to continue their education – to apprenticeships, PLC’s, College or University. The school is in a mixed area, working class and lower middle class. Coming from a similar area, I have a bit of ‘street cred’ with the kids and their parents and never tire of making the point that the difference between ‘going’ and ‘not-going’ to college is just over €1 million lifetime earnings (it can actually be much higher, but this is an easy number to remember).

ambidexterityMost people will be aware of the psychiatric condition Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). To oversimplify, it refers to set of behaviours whereby children or adults find it difficult to concentrate for extended periods of time and often become ‘hyperactive’.  While, clinically, there is no ‘group equivalent’ of this, I believe that a lot of executive teams suffer from something quite similar, continually moving from one idea onto the next.It can be difficult to spot, as it masquerades under the guise of a ‘range of initiatives’. This is communicated as if it were a good thing, a positive part of the culture.  We are busy.  We are action oriented. We are leading, not following and so on.  While I’m not suggesting medicating the entire management cadre (”hand me that Tranquilizer Gun, Paddy”) there are ways to ‘treat’ this. Stay with me on this … there’s a really good idea trying to escape!


InterviewI’ve been asked by many people who are searching for jobs and who are getting negative or no replies at all for advice on what is wrong.  Over the years, I have mentored many people in the job market and there is one thing that is common to every search and every application.

Perspective: Separating Important Stuff from Nuisance Stuff

JLSIt was tense as I waited, outside the O2 Arena in Dublin on a rainy and pitch black night. My daughter Nicole’s and her buddy were attending their first concert ‘on their own’. I was assigned to collection duty.  Being a tad over-anxious, I’d arrived early to secure parking close to the venue, 2 wheels firmly wedged up on the footpath. Several times the Gardai asked me to move on but I successfully pleaded the case for picking up a 12 year old (she’s 16, but a white lie in the circumstances).


Real-Estate-riskReal Estate Investments may be seen as an area to avoid for some people whereas for others it may be seen as piece of cake.  In either case, it is a lucrative investment tool but you need to be wise to operate it.

This first article will form a set of articles about areas to scrutinise before you invest.  It will include

dog-from-behindA couple of weeks ago Nicole, my youngest, completed work experience as part of Transition Year. We’ve always had dogs in the house and she loves animals.  Over the years, we’ve paid Denis the local Vet enough money to buy an island (I’m surprised that he’s not already living somewhere more exotic). So he agreed to let Nicole work in the surgery to get hands-on experience. Eating dinner, rather stupidly, I made the mistake of asking: “How’d you get on today?” She proceeded to ‘walk us through’ a Rottweiler vasectomy along with instructions on how to ‘put down’ a pet Guinea Pig. I could barely finish the Chicken Jalfrezi without gagging (having been reliably told by a Brazilian friend that Guinea Pigs “Taste just like Chicken”).


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